About Us

About Us

Xylo Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: XYLO) is a technology-based company engaged in advancing innovative solutions for large-scale market applications.

The activities carried out by Xylo Technologies, and its subsidiaries are focused on medical-related devices and products on internet and other online-related technologies, and vehicle and wireless charging activities.

The diversification of our core activity and our entry into the internet, online-related operations and electric vehicle market, are in accordance with a change to our business model, which we initiated in 2019. We have pursued partnerships that have granted us substantial and controlling interests in other ventures, which we believe will provide a greater return to our shareholders. Our business model designed for maximum flexibility, allowing the Company to develop, commercialize, and support a broad array of new technologies with high growth potential.

Our Strengths

Technology Oriented

Provides maximum flexibility, allowing us to develop a broad array of new technologies

Streamlined Corporate Structure

Management with extensive experience in structuring deals enables the Company to quickly take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities and provide a range of business options

Public Company

The ability to access capital with full transparency.


Liron Carmel | Chief Executive
Officer, Xylo Technologies Ltd.

Mr. Carmel serves as Chief Executive Officer and director of CannaPowder (PINK: CAPD), a bio-pharma company dedicated to developing and applying innovative technology in the cannabinoid field. Mr. Carmel also serves as a director of Chiron Refineries Ltd. (TASE: CHR), a company engaged in consulting and initiation of transactions in the refineries field. In addition he serves as chairman of the Israel Tennis Table Association. He also served as vice president business development at Yaad Givatayim development, a municipal corporation dedicated to initiate, develop and establish projects of public importance. Prior to Yaad Givatayim, Mr. Carmel served as an investment manager and as a

Tali Dinar | CFO

A senior executive with a two-decade track record in public and private companies in a global environment. Has proven leadership skills in managing global finance, holding and industrial organizations. Served as CFO at MICT Inc., a public traded company on NASDAQ (NASDAQ: MICT) and as CFO at Enertec Systems (2001) Ltd, an Industrial Company in the defense market. Mrs. Dinar serves as a director of Micronet Ltd.(TASE:MCRNT) a company is engaged in computer systems and terminals for the management of vehicle fleets. In addition, she also serves as a director of Canzon Israel Ltd. (TASE:CNZN). Mrs. Dinar holds a B.A. in Accounting and Business Administration from The College of Management.

Board of Directors

Eli Yoresh | Chairman

Eliyahu Yoresh has been serving as our Chairman of the Board since February 2020. Mr. Yoresh also serves as chief financial officer of Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq, TASE: FRSX). In addition, Mr. Yoresh serves as a director in Gix Internet and Elbit Imaging and previously in Nano Dimension Ltd. (Nasdaq, TASE: NNDM), Geffen Biomed Investments Ltd. and Greenstone Industries Ltd. Mr. Yoresh served as the chief executive officer of Tomcar Global Holdings Ltd., a global manufacturer of off-road vehicles, from 2005 to 2008. Mr. Yoresh is an Israeli Certified Public Accountant. Yoresh acquired a B.A. in business administration from the Business College, Israel and an M.A. in Law Study from Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Kineret Tzedef

Kineret Tzedef serves currently as a director of sport division and served in other positions at Hapoel Organization (Israeli Sport Federation) since 2007. Ms. Tsedef also serves as the president of Israeli Gymnastics Federation since 2018. Ms. Tzedef serves as an external director at Chiron Refineries Ltd. (TASE: CHR), and as an external director of Biomedico Hadarim Ltd. (TASE: BIMCM). Ms. Tzedef is admitted to the Israel Bar Association since 2014. Ms. Tzedef acquired a LL.B from the Academic Center for Law and Science, Israel and a B.Ed. in Law Study from the Academic College at Wingate, Israel

Ronen Rosenbloom

Ronen Rosenbloom has been serving as a member of our Board since September 2018. Mr. Rosenbloom is an independent lawyer working out of a self-owned law firm specializing in white collar offences. Mr. Rosenbloom serves as chairman of the Israeli Money Laundering Prohibition committee and the Prohibition of Money Laundering Committee of the Tel Aviv District, both of the Israel Bar Association. Mr. Rosenbloom previously served as a police prosecutor in the Tel Aviv District. Mr. Rosenbloom holds an LL.B from the Ono Academic College, an Israeli branch of University of Manchester

Eli Cohen

Mr. Eli Cohen has been serving as a member of our Board since September 2018. Mr. Cohen is an independent lawyer working out of a self-owned firm. He serves as chairman of D-pharm Ltd., as director of Europe Hagag Ltd., and has previously served as director of Hagag Group Ltd., Multimatrixs and Matrat Mizug Ltd. Mr. Cohen holds an economics degree, an LL.B and LL.M in Commercial Law from Tel-Aviv University, as well as an MBA from the Northwestern University and Tel-Aviv University joint program