Technology based Company.

Engaged in advancing innovative solutions for large-scale market applications

Xylo Technologies for Innovation

Xylo Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: XYLO) is a technologies company that is focused on innovative growth partnerships, mainly in advanced medical solutions, online and e-Commerce, and electric vehicle markets. Xylo Technologies’ affiliations in the medical solutions arena consist of ownership Polyrizon, LTD. The Company’s affiliates in digital commerce include Gix Internet Ltd. (TASE:GIX), Jeffs’ Brands (Nasdaq: JFBR) and Eventer Technologies, Ltd. In the electric vehicle market, Charging Robotics Ltd. (OTC: FDOC),  and Revolz are also part of the Company’s portfolio of technology solution providers.

Technology Oriented

Provides maximum flexibility, allowing us to develop a broad array of new technologies

Streamlined Corporate Structure

Management with extensive experience in structuring deals enables the Company to quickly take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities and provide a range of business options

Our Activities

The Xylo Technologies Magic

Turning Early-Stage Companies to Public Trading Success Stories

Step 1

partnering with early stage, high-end technology companies (usually from our local Israeli start-up hub)

Step 2

Leveraging our management extensive expertise and networking. Expose it to new markets, experts and end users

Step 3

Breeding a conceptual technology into a real, existing company. Company is trading in multi million valuation, brining value to its shareholders

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Corporate Presentation

October 2023

Press Releases

Xylo Technologies Reaps Success with First Installation of a Wireless Charging System for Automatic Car Parks

Investors Lobby

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